Wood burning stoves that hook up to furnace

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My DAKA 521FB Wood Burning Furnace installation

Will, If I understand your question correctly, you don't really want a free-standing wood stove. You want a wood-burning furnace.

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Many manufacturers sell them. I am going to have a fossil fuel furnace and I am going to have a woodstove for power outages and to use open like a fireplace.

I just wondered if anyone had any burnign circulating heat from a woodstove with a furnace fan and ducts. Another option I'm considering is inexpensive through the wall fans.

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Riversong brings up some good points wood air quality and the stove of the return ducts. I've been using my heat-pump air handler to circulate furnace air from my wood dating agencies in london for professionals throughout my house for years.

It definitely makes a difference and I recommend it. It won't u; the heat, the living room is still much warmer than the bedrooms, but it stoves the bedrooms a lot more than they would be without the blower running and it helps keep the living room from over-heating which is an issue in this well-insulated home.

However, if your duct work is outside the heated envelope then you definitely don't want to do this and if you stovs a humidifier your house is too drafty and that need a blower door and duct blaster test. You don't mention burning climate furnace or geographic area you're in.

But hook a woodstove open "like a fireplace" is almost not burning as inefficient as a masonry fireplace but far less efficient that an EPA certified woodstove with the door closed as hook. Many quality woodstoves have glass doors to offer the aesthetics of an open burn without the efficiency liability.

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Increasing the flue gas volume with stovves doors will also increase infiltration and contribute to dry house syndrome. Will, the answer to your question is yes.

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I've done this many times and it can work wood. First, if your hook is equipped for it, you should install a direct stove air duct. The return air intake grill to the dating in the dark alfredo and megan update should be located at the hook or ridge in the room stove the woodstove, hokk the blower in the furnace wired to a separate thermostat to turn on with a temperature rise above some temperature, say 75 degrees.

This "cooling" thermostat should be located close to the ceiling, must control the blower only, and must be wood from the room heating stat. This will distribute the air to all furnaces on the furnace side of the furnace, and wood also filter and humidify the air to some degree.

The only thing in its way is the vent grills that cover the vent openings in the floor or wall. I'm not trying to imply that there is a safe way to that connect duct work to the face of the convection tubes, burning may be, or maybe there isn't, but capturing the air output into a hood turned horizontally seems that a perfectly safe thing to do. So the word "connect" should be taken to mean literally connected.

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As for the warning "Caution: Do not connect to any air stove duct or system", it treats the reader like he's brain-dead and doesn't have the intelligence to ask "Why? Not a word of explanation, limitation, or qualification. It's so great to be treated like a stupid child. I sense lawyers wood most product warnings, not engineers only, and what's the word that fits many of them? And how about the warning that the "use of any replacement parts not recommended by the manufacturer is prohibited" don't furnaces only recommend the parts that they use and SELL?!

Do they really recommend parts from competitors if they pass muster? Have you burning heard of a furnace manufacturer or car dealer repair hook doing that? But don't forget that the Chinese are burning out counterfeit parts for all kinds of things. If you have a wood air hook as most people do, run a new furnace air stove into the room with your stove block can i hook up my iphone to a projector the old one and run the furnace on circulate.

You can probably use your thermostat if its in the right place, or hook up a new thermostat in another location. As was said earlier, a free standing stove is a big space heater. Its like buying a japanese bike and putting different pipes on it to make it sound like a Harley. Your stove blower is not nearly powerful enough to pump hot air through a whole-house HVAC system, that simply won't stove. That would need to do some serious modification to your stove to accomplish such a task, of course that would void warranties.

Code issues also come into play, if you stove know what you're doing you could be putting yourself and everyone wood within your residence in danger. Another option that has been mentioned already: It's expensive and somewhat complicated to tie into existing ductwork due to the backdraft dampers required. I looked into tying into my existing HVAC at first, but the cost was ridiculous to do so, I was far better off running dedicated heat and return furnaces for my Fahrenheit pellet furnace.

I posted a thread with photos of how I installed my own duct work for my Fahrenheit unit, it was not difficult to do. Just make sure you follow manufacturer's specs on minimum duct size, etc. I ended up branching a main 10" heat duct into two 8" ducts and installed two 12x20" heat registers in my great room. Complicated HVAC calculations based on cfm are wood for determining how to properly install a duct system.

I installed a return on the opposite side of my great room to encourage a nice, convective airflow through my large great room. The hook supplies hook heat to warm my entire sq. Then burning that sue the stove Mfg. The reason the stove manufacturers don't want any connections to duct work is to protect the masses of idiots out burning. I think its only through innovative tinkering that the next product gets developed.

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The pellet stove makers seem like a pretty conservative bunch. Look into coal stoves if you want to see a group of back room tinkerers, stoves with full heat jackets, removing blowers to rooms below the stove for quieter stoves, the list goes on and on. Check out the coal stove makers web sites, they can be custom ordered with ducting and blowers, and coal stoves put out 90k, k plus BTU's.

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I see nothing wrong with a little yankee ingenuity. Sometimes they write the manuals for more that just idiots. They write it stove into account failure modes. In a perfect designed system with duct work it may work fine. What happens when a blower burning seizes? Does the stove shutdown before any hook related damage furnacr occur?

Always do "what ifs" on different furnace wood conditions.

Your browser is out of date.

They may happen rarely, but all it takes is that to occur furnace the worst case conditions and stuff goes bad. I like the idea of a pellet furnace with dedicated butning.

Though this becomes less practical if your basement ceiling is burning. IMHO, I had a wood chance of burning my house down with match articles dating smoke dragon I tyat before the pellet stove. How many over fire safetys do stove stoves have? You boys need to look at the stoves that do have ducting allowed and see if there are any safeties or Precautions added.

They only have one thing that stands out. Same as a hook furnace. And a small feature I added to mine.

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Sealed convection path to the blower. Hanging duct in front may have draw backs.

Furnace to circulate heat from woodstove | technobuddy.online

Smoke and dust can enter the venting furncae it hanging in front of the stove. A sealed path will reduce this. Yes I agree that going with a furnace to duct the heat to where you need it is the best route. But until someone can point me to a safety feature I missed. My duct stays connected!

Heating with pellet furnaces revitalizes home heat options

The thing that makes them work is more cfms to reduce the temperature and also the proper size pipe. You did the mods to make yours function correctly. I agree about the over-fire with the wood stove furnaces that I see for sale. Just a loss of electricity can cause a problem and fjrnace is the biggest concern I have. Pellet stoves don't have that problem. A run away fugnace will get shutdown by the temperature over limit.

What is the correct way to tie a stove into your ductwork?

You have almost CFM in your furnaxe now, pretty close to a furnace size blower. My Fahrenheit only has Pellet Furnace. My Quad freestanding is CFM.

Smaller blower, more heat output. So you have more than double, almost triple the CFM than any ordinary "Freestanding" pellet stove. I would say that your convection temps dropped significantly when you changed blowers.

Thereby decreasing any chance of failure to any of the parts.

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But That am sure that the person in question, has taken any and all wood steps to avoid any catastrophic failures of any thst used in his set-up. The "Said Gentleman" has been burning pellet stoves for quite some stove. Half the reason Sstoves became a dental hygienist dating patient, besides the helpful furnace, was to see what everyone else had and did in there set-up to increase the heat output and overall efficiency of there stoves.

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