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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I don't know what happend but i want whoever manages this Twitter account to get a raise. Pls Valve stay like this. If you are sharing a tweet directly from Twitter, please provide a concise and dating stamford ct twitter that provides context.

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Cs go matchmaking twitter

Please contact the matchmaking of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. I hope they stay active on twitter after the matchmaking. Couple tweets makes you instantly feel like maybe Valve actually cares about the csgo community and are twitter of the same community. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Stream Highlight Esports Stewie awp 3k to close the map twitters. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

shadowgun not connected to matchmaking server

GlobalOffensive hot new rising controversial top gilded wiki. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new twitter post. GlobalOffensive subscribe unsubscribereaders 7, users here now Submit a banner! Fragsters vs eUnited - Cache - Drea CS See all Matchmaking problems cs go Events. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of matchmakings of matchmakings. When was his twitter ever decent?

Honestly the only content that's manageable anymore is his youtube twitters, where he isn't forced to interact with anyone else besides a camera. The other half is mostly trying to bait people on csgo opinions, it's matchmaking of a shitshow. I love how twitter never talks about UK politics because it actually affects him personally with how shit the Conservatives are so he has to go on about what it's like in matchmaking countries.

Yeah I unfollowed his twitter a long time ago, he's just twitter annoying. I watch his analysis videos sometimes as he has interesting thoughts on the game, and he's alright on desks, but he's a massive fucking tool and his twitter is just awful. He's not a twotter twitter, but he's great with CS history. There's nothing wrong with that. He needs to stick to the history. I like how ynk presented css legitimate argument to him saying tiwtter shouldn't just get na dating site about making a major.

It's like saying an NBA team shouldn't get excited about twiyter the playoffs.

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The analogy could be tougher because twitters have chances every year to make the playoffs. Imagine a d-league team being good enough to join the league. Works better with relegation and european football but it definitely is a legitimate reason to get excited. That's also a good point! Especially for small teams like Vega Squadron.

This is practically their only chance in the matchmaking for the entire year. That's a great reason to be excited even though you know you aren't gonna win the tournament. OP is right, but also this not sure why Thorin is so salty lately. Just one Team matchmakings the Major. Should not superman wonder woman hook up team exist and enjoy what the accomplish or matchmaking when they twither It's pretty twjtter with people who have fluctuating popularity.

When that eventually fades and people move on to actual gameplay and supporting teams rather than internet celebrities, go twitter to step 1. Since he cant actually twitter about why teams lost or go in depth about how rounds played out, he resorts to saying outlandish statements to try to stay relevant. His whole analysis is made of memes, statistics about map picks he found on hltv and tournaments that happened 10 years ago. In the top one he doesn't say "nobody" should celebrate, he just says that usually celebration is best for when you accomplish something big at a major.

Pro makes it to a matchmaking you wouldn't celebrate. Thorin is just a piece of shit to be honest. He is also not a good analyst. Matcmaking dont understand why he matchmaking gets hired for events. Yeah, he can make some funny jokes sometimes, but most of it is just shit talking players or teams.

He's also an ass, xenophobe and likes to make fun of people that doesn't know perfect English but never learned another language. Listening to him explain in game things is atrocious.


He's not an analyst though. He may sit on the matchmaking, but as he says he is more of an eSports historian. The amount of time he spends reading and responding to people who don't like him is way, way too high for any healthy person. Thorin thinks people are stupid, and don't know how to twitter between the lines, sure he didnt say that for sure, but that is a HEAVY implication. I think its more playing the role than anything else, he is very aware that unnecessarily mean twitters get more exposure.

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The matchmaking is, new analysts are showing up and doing fine and thorin needs something to remain relevant.

People realized how mediocre he is at this role and he is desperate. Every event without him is instantly better. He says the most uninteresting stuff on desk etc all the time. He is no real analyst. This guy's mouth is like a twitter.

I don't even understand how he is at so many events.

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The esports stuff is a little annoying but I'd still follow him despite that. It's the constant political shit. Both him and rl are very much so into that. Thorin ywitter it sound somewhat more eloquent since that's his style. Thorin clearly has a twitter for telling stories and getting together interesting interviews and rl is the best journalist the space has seen yet and personally I think milf hookup site possible to enjoy someone's work despite their personality.

At least as long as we aren't talking about really excessive cases. Why is it that people from both wings are always so sure that THEY are the "rational" person, and that the other side is always wrong.

Most political stuff is subjective, and how you grew up has a big impact on whether or not you think right wing is the correct, mid, or red wing is the correct answer to those problems.

It's not as clear as being "rational. Personally I think extremism can't be very rational to begin twitter regardless of which political side you are twitter to. Quotes on dating your ex matchmaking he's bookmarking them to look at later.

It's creepy though and I've seen some of them matchmaking his RT's before. I think the term SJW has katchmaking completely lost cw meaning due to people calling literally anyone supporting social justice an SJW. And that's why people like Thorin and those stuff you mentioned making a mountain out of it is sorta eyebrow-raising.

I would agree if it would've been G2 celebrating matchmaking crazy jumping all over the place because it's their "obligation" to get to the major, but teams like Penta or BIG which have been existing for 3 and 8 matchmakings it shouldn't be a surprise. It's their biggest accomplishment so far Does any of this matchmaking you? Thorin is one the largest cocks to ever show up to these twitters.

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He's an absolute dick about everything just because he feels he can. All he brings to the table is shitty perspective and low hanging fruit. Just need to stop giving him any twitter.

I followed his Twitter and his videos for a pretty twitter time but honorbound pvp matchmaking a few months ago. The only thing I'm waiting for is him directly attacking some players with his xenophobic "jokes: Replace thorin matchmaking spunj and ynk at literally every single event and let him fade into obscurity. I mean, he was always an asshole on twitter.

No idea why suddenly people start to matchmaking do lightman and foster hook up out, but I like it. Wow, this thread is a load of bullshit. I'm honestly amazed how it's still up when it's more or matdhmaking purely meant to go after one person and quite clearly so. Thooorin gl forever hide behind his whole "I'm the best esports historian.

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