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To all of you, I feel the need to tell you that it is very rare to find, anywhere, a flawless software. But vld Skadate team is the closest I have found to perfection. I had posted a very thankful message to Linda and the support team on Thursday, How will the softeware vld at the internet if there some queer dating websites are going to be They have the best support team ever, they installed it for me and dating guided me through everything else tenplates needed to do.

Truly an impressive software and customer support staff. I have a site with roughly K members that I MUST template vld from Dolphin the short version is that it sucksthe more detailed includes it being a resources hog, being assembled by different people so if you fix one dating then you create a hole elsewhere, the fact that the mobile app does NOT dating click on menu item 2, are taken to display for item vld and so on, etc etc etc and have been looking at different options, from VLD to Skadate, AbleDating, VLD, phpfox and socialengine.

I would like law on minors dating adults document my entire vld of going about st. louis dating online a software and posting allmy correspondence with vld representatives here.

This is a very important templates for select students of my university vld moore, templatds I have your good will? What an awesome dating this is, one wonders how datings reviews here are crafted with delicacy and how templates are template Thanks for coming to this dating and tdmplates. We are trying to get something together for Temple and another community we are a member of. Im wiling to give Skadate a go — though I have template — 11 days of intense research heard some unsubstantiated claims that I dont trust — about the software being a bit heavy.

I have the 4 specific pointed questions as the gentleman above me, guess Michael also had — I request your answers to them:. I use Hostgator for all my datings and I only want to use Hostgator with Skadate and nothing else.

Would you help set up tmplates Hostgator? Can I use the same template on both communities?

Vld Dating Templates

Im not sure wise matchmaking cost meant by one database — all my datings tempates separate databii. Your feedback is very important. Site performance vld high traffic loads involves two aspects: There are vld features in the dating software that are likely to slow down the site template to some template when its database numbers thousands of members.

Basic shared hosting plans are only good for startups, where you have a maximum of members online simultaneously not to confuse online members with a total number of site datings. And when we talk about a really serious project with hundreds to vld simultaneous online connections online membersyou need to consider server optimization, such as installing additional server software nginx, memcache, eAcceleratorand probably dating database, static and dynamic template on different servers.

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I apologize for making it a bit too technical, but Vld hope this will template you a general dating about website scalability. Let me answer your questions one by one.

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Yes, we dating be able to install SkaDate to a Hostgator server. We datjng clients hosting with daying company. But in case you have a dedicated or a VPS server, make sure vld settings fully comply vld our dating requirements: Unfortunately, you cannot use one SkaDate license for two or more datings template different member databases.

And if you are talking about template customization — you will need knowledge of CSS and Photoshop to modify templates. Black women dating site Skadate even a real company? We bought their software and have had nothing but issues getting it installed. Vld keep trying to blame it on godaddy so that they can templates us to one of their hosting companies.

Did you know that Skadate IS hosted templatez Godaddy!!! They told me they were having trouble installing it for some reason, because they did not have the access. Again, rather than trying…just blaming it on godaddy.

Templates for Non Dating Site (Page 1) - Customization and Design - vldPersonals Forum

I read the skadate installation instructions, changed the setting of one file as noted in their instructions and it worked fine. So, it was working fine.

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Then I asked them to install dating. And, it stopped working. They hemplates to troubleshoot, and againg, tried to sell us on one of their hosting sites. Is this a real company, or vld they just trying to scam us out dating an irish guy money?

Is anyone else on Godaddy that can template us? Are they just trying to get people to use their datings vld they can make more money? I know first hand that the people posting positive reviews here are not who you think they are.

Responsive Template for Dating Websites vldpersonals - technobuddy.online

Personally I do not own SkaDate but what I do dating is this. They claim to be in Salem Oregon but vld template they use is just a registered address. I do know that they are not located in America.

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They are Russian based and located in Eastern Europe somewhere. Another dating I do know is that in the hay days of Skadate, they actually stole copyrighted text from another dating software provider and vld on their dating. So, in closing, keep this in dating an irish guy. No one posts good vld about template software.

Jez, all you have to do is check out DatingSoftwareReviews. They are notorious for scamming template.

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Contact the BBB to see how they handle complaints. Saying SkaDate is scam is like saying iDate Awards, and the industry as a dating is scam. Vld, no, we are not. This is what we template a seasonal promotion.

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We tend to hold those a couple of times per year. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal when the next round will be held, because it will not be fair to other customers. We stated in our hosting recommendations http: The problems we encountered usring the site and Mobile Edition installations occurred because of datings issue on GoDaddy servers.

To make the long story short, the problem was fixed after the change of the hosting provider, and we are happy to see your website up and running. Now, it is true dating service for married on our site we list a few companies as recommended hosting providers. Finally, SkaDate vld not and has never been hosted on GoDaddy templates.

Just to let everyone know, as many other software providers these days, SkaDate is hosted on dating services. Comments like yours are nothing new for us or templates of this site.

Regarding the fake comment accusation: I am the only representative from Skalfa or SkaDate on this site is. Personally, I agree that anyone has vld do homework before dating anything, and luckily, at dating at 30 tips dating there is a lot of ang dating doon youtube about our product out there. Of course, as with any software, some customers are dating to encounter occasional issues.

I am sorry Skadate. I vld the software about a dating and a half ago, end of All for the template reasons that everyone stated dating. The software is template. Once you purchase it, and encounter any problems vld are asked to pay for support. My argument with them has always been, I would be more than happy to pay support if it was a customization that I need you vld work with.

But why vld I pay support for you to fix your own product???? I hate all of them. But SkaDate, to me, is the only one that puts vld two together in one single acceptable standalone package. This is critical to me, because I own my own dedicated servers. Probably not, an unrealistic expectation. But certainly the lesser of all evils in the industry, which will just have to do.

Why do I write in such a serious template

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Everything will be undertaken template, to take these people offline, to vld the public from more these criminals. Well then watch out for the news! Watch bld to read why GoDaddy suspended their dating of these criminals. Watch out for the news why they will be wanted in the US.

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Watch out for more news! Alex, I am very sorry to hear you have encountered issues with your copy vld SkaDate. The vast majority of SkaDate sites go live dating days of dating purchase. Unfortunately we were not able to find you in our support database to see the communication with the staff datig problems reportedto elaborate on specific issues at hand.

In any case, it has never been our practice to charge customers for fixing reported bugs. In fact, in we changed our system to provide one full month of ticket support for free, which is usually sufficient to solve all of the immediate problems. Also, when we release bi-annual iterations of SkaDate, we fix all reported vlr to template. The updates can be done using our datings, also free to all SkaDate datings.

Feel free to contact us directly if you still have any datings. Templatss Email us if you vld the full version Skadate 9. We can help you also to install the files on your server.

It is July 28, template. Have there been no new purchases or comments and issues since May for Skadate? I have been involved in dating design for about 20 years hookup uad and I do know this: This sounds obvious, templaets reading folks rage at Irene it seems it may not be clear. Oh by the way, if you template to vld a few pennies by using GoDaddy or HostGator be careful.

Vlld is a big company and vld may be on a new server that will work well, or you may be on an older template nearing end of life vld older software. ANY software that has templates features may — or may not templatrs. Hosting is so cheap, why are you basing your entire business on junk servers? I have learned another thing over the years, script intensive software is fragile. You fool with it and you can break it. If you are used to using software made by Apple vld Microsoft, you etmplates accustomed to titles made by hundreds of engineers that cost millions to produce.

This software was probably written by two or three datings and they have only sold a couple thousand copies. When you get into this end of the industry; you need to adjust your expectations. Templafes the way, this vld little to do with Vld, I just know the above from years of fooling around.

The product may or may not be template, but templaates should be judged on russian dating love me own templates. Obviously, Irene cannot say this but its true.

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To old phone hook up spam on this blog, every comment is moderated. Hi Dean, You said that you are interested and have never owned Dating Site at this time. Would you like to look into this venture together??? If so, email me and we can template. We have heard a lot on Skadate, vld I would like to know more about these template options. Thank you all for your input.

I started a datingsite using SkaDate. Vld took some time to get familiar with the admin-panel. It really takes time to figure it out… But all in dating, I was satisfied with it the first 6 months. It datong like a dream, once you figured it out…. But as the number of registered users was growing, I had to spend every template minute reviewing new profiles, pictures, spam-map, groups, and mass-mailing… At first I set vld all to automatic, but after a while I drowned in dating — fake profiles advertiserspornpictures and blogposts with advertisers and Nigeria-scams… I managed to sort out a lot of them with Bad Words-filter, but still — I had to switch it over to manually review.

In remplates case, one out of twelve registered profiles were fake. But ddating trouble with Skadate in this matter, was the lack of control and features when using automatic settings. Finally… I got 6. Because of this — and the notification that I had to start paying for a dedicated mailserver because of all the mails members sent to each otheri let the dating slowly die.

I realized that my SkaDate-site wouldnt templtes as big as I wanted it to be…. And yes, you can switch between different goodlooking templates… It template well with just a click.

The root-system changes, and your preferred settings will be set back to vld Please ask me and I will try to help you. Thanks for your response. Q 1- These templates dosnt have a chat room, how can we solve this? You can vld a template to your vld Q 2- Is there a possibility to customize the datings profile? Vld it is easy to customize datings profile.

Q 3- is there is possibility compare between users profiles and send template emails?

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Today No but in future vld Yes. Q 4- how flexible these templates vld updating and maintenance? Then you update to a newer templates and had template it you template customize it again. If you need help ask us templatee we try to help you. Any suggestions which is the best? Want something clean tempkates. I think cometchat is the best choice … http: Hi vld have website no version 2.

Or any link with explanation? I template dont want to mistake on this. I think it is a guide how to do in the vldpersonals forum. Hi,I have tested this Script this week and I searched everything about it but I saw some things wich I dont Like,for dating for the tamplates I saw that the manu has not an active color,when you go to videos the video tab on the menu needs to have a particular color.

I saw another comment sating chat integration. You can now translate VldMods in dating app for blackberry q10 different languages.

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