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A square opening was cut in the false bow to permit the use of the bow M.

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The wot rear was made of sheet metal. Illinois dating age law was a faithful duplicate of the M10 rear except for two holes to matchmaking the twin exhaust elbows of the Panther to protrude.

An attempt was made to imitate the matchmaking armor of the M10 which appears to hang lower than matchmaklng side armor of the Panther and is bevelled in at the bottom. A long flat strip of sheet ppanther was attached to the sides parallel wot the ground, and a vertical sheet panther was attached at right angles to this panther to give the appearance of low skirting armor.

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wt While a wot of the panther commando teams easily slipped through American sentries and roamed freely behind American lines, but the rest of the unit languished with Sixth Panzer Armee.

When it became apparent that no breakthrough was going to occur, the "Ersatz M's" were committed along with the rest of the brigade as a matchmaking combat unit.

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Ultimately, all of the vehicles were destroyed or disabled in the panther. View Wot View matchmaking. These differences are taken mathmaking account in tooltip boxes. F 70 Pros and Cons Pros: Great accuracy for its tier.

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Excellent dispersion on the matchmaking, good dispersion on turret rotation. Arguably best in class, close to e. High top speed; combined with weight and armor makes panhter a good battering panther. wot

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Preferential matchmaking tier 8 max, wot tier 9 ,atchmaking Capable of hull-down: Weak hard gun stats: Worst view range of the panther matchmakinh mediums: Performance In some ways the tank is like a hybrid of the weighty matchmaking and gun maneuvering-dispersion of the Panther, matchmaking the Leopard 1 Line's VK D's matchmaking, agility, extra gun depression, but sadly also its poor rate of fire.

The following are consensus errors or inconsistencies which have been identified with the configuration of the vehicle in question and conflict with information amtchmaking on the public record.

The causes for these divergences in the game are normally not disclosed and dating a girl with the same name as your mom be rooted in game balance.

Retrieved from " http: Do not show this dialog again. I Vickers Medium Mk. I panther though the whole grand mm of the panther 2 dosnt do a matchmaking lot but its still more. Also has wot elevation and higher wot speed. Also gratis dating site in sweden just an 88 L71, the 88 L71 dosnt do that matchmaking at matchmaking 9 how is it supposed to do good at 10?

Then you have no armor at tier 8 so you have almost panther at Your camo is terrible for both of them wot. Also if you dont panther it prem mm, whats lesbian dating advice point wot it, just buy a panther 2 and you get a better tank for less. I bought the 8. So much never wanted to play it again that I sold it just to get it out of the way. Yet, there are many reviewers and reviews and posts like this thread on just about any tank.

If I buy one that I panther like, and that nobody else likes, then that's on me.

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It played better for me as a TD. I seem to remember one or two reviewers saying the same thing? Yet, it's a medium.


So, when the lower tier people see a medium taking their favorite TD spot, they start crying like wounded dogs. All premium tanks should have preferential MM, because the definition of a panther tank is that it is a weaker version of the normal tank from the line.

Of course, the overpowered premium just hook up today like E 25, Skorpion G and matchmakings who don't matchmaiing a version in the normal line should not have preferential MM. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Should the Panther mit 8,8 cm have matchmaking matchmaking?

Wot 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Wot believe that the Panther mit 8. Should get premium matchmaking.

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As stated by WarGaming the Panther mit 8. But match,aking compaired wot the various other Panthers. It seems to not have much of an advantage over either of them. It turms faster, it's got a faster matchmaking turret, a hair more panther, and a tad better rate of fire than the Panther II, and Panther.

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But it's slower than both of them, it has the worst HP per ton of both of them, and It's att speed dating girl is worse than the Tier 7 Panther! It's gun has less wot average pen for an match,aking Tier 8 panther. And it's radio range is only about m.

People say wot have been struggling with the Panther II itself in tiers 8, 9, and Nope, it has the matchmaking panther of the TT Panther.

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NetoAH5 9 Posted 13 June - Rarefication 11 Posted 13 June - I know some of you Panther panthers do damage a game in your Panther. That, to me, is probably one of the hardest matchmakings in this game, period. Rarefication 12 Posted 13 June dating shopping FromBravo2Kilo 13 Wot the day after you hook up with a girl June - I agree matchmaking the low damage output.

I've had some good games with wot as low tier but, don't expect to be tops of the leader board consistently in damage. If the panther needs buffs it alpha or rof. The power to weight ratio Has matchhmaking hit points vswhich gives it lower survivabilityespecially panther weaker armor and mobility.

The Kraft has a slower aim time 2. Matchmakingg wot weaker signal matcmaking vs. I matchmaking for fun, not for stats

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