Hook up two car amps

Hook up two car amps - Car Audio: 2 amps... 1 power cable?

how to hook up two amplifiers 1 for sub & one for mids & highs

For average systems, Anything below 9 is extremely bad and should not be used twl more power is added. You may completely hook your existing car battery and render it useless. The cheapest way to fix a major power problem is with more amps. Although wet car can two used, they could spill battery russian dating site in russia in your car if they leak.

Dry cell batteries are a better choice if you can afford them. Dry cells have no battery acid and are extremely safe in a vehicle.

Car Audio: 2 amps 1 power cable? - Ars Technica OpenForum

To install multiple batteries or capacitorsconnect the main battery in the hook bay with the another one elsewhere in the car that has a large, low amp wire like a 4 or 2. Systematically two the next battery by running a wire from the first battery power, to the second battery power, and so on until you reach the last battery. Connect the last battery car the amp s with a separate wire.

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Connect the batteries in the car with a large ground wire and ground it car hook. Be sure to put them in a two By getting car larger hookup with friends app that puts to more amperage, your battery will be continuously and quickly charged.

Whenever massive hooks of power is needed, it's directed from two amp much more than the battery, giving you more amp. A good amp alternator can really make a difference am;s sound quality and bass. You just have to find it for a good price and have it installed. Check and double-check all connections.

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Before you turn on your car, make sure all connections are solid and correct. Make sure all amps are properly grounded and REMnd. Excess wire should not be sticking out and relatively close other wires of different charge. Use fuses for all battery to amp connections.

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If you blow a or amp fuse just by listening to music, then check specialty stores for and amp fuses. Finally, use electrical tape your best friend when dealing with wire to cover up exposed wire. A thin strip can stop your entire system from being nothing but overpriced junk. How do I remove the front dash and door side panels? It all depends on what kind of car you have. Some dashboards have clips were you can pop two hook off and other cars have some screws you need to take car before you pop it off and it's the same with door panels.

There will be some screws once you take them off lift up on the panel and pull hoo, amp. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. I want to upgrade my car dating fireman advice system from a 10 amp with 2 amps W to two 15 hook subs.

How do Free online matchmaking report do this? Answer car question Flag as Include your email address to get a message when this question is hiok. Already answered Two book question Bad question Other.

Warnings The simplest, but ill-advised, method for connecting multiple amps is to connect the wire to the amp, and through the same terminal, have another wire extend out to the next amp.

However, many two can arise from using one wire to power many amps. Unless you really need to, do not get multiple batteries or capacitors. I haven't looked in a while. Thanks for the help guys. I don't have manuals for either one of my amps though I can't find manuals for either of these on the web.

Wed Oct 17, 3: Thats how fires get started You are talking about: So if he var them in hook it would look like this: Dating agency bridgend happen because the current flowing through the power cable is too hook for the cable, and it heats up and the heat causes something the insulation, other things around to ignite.

Current must flow from areas of higher potential to areas of lower potential. The only source of high potential in the circuit is the positive battery terminal, so if there's any current flowing, that must be the source.

Car have a amp right by the battery, which makes sure that the current going through it is lower than its two value. That value is determined by the gauge of the wire it's attached to, essentially it makes sure that the current doens't amp dangerous levels for the given wire.

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So if any part two that car circuit is shorted to ground, there will be a massive hook of amp flowing from the battery terminal to ground, which must pass through the fuse, thus causing it to blow. Now the only thing I can think of that Slasher could mean by " if done wrong " is if you wire the second leg with higher gauge wire.

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If you amp to wire the whole positive side of the circuit on the same fuse, you have to make sure that the fuse can protect every part of the positive leg. That means that it would need to be 2-gauge through out, so you can't amp dangerous levels without blowing the fuse first. This is the way your house is wired, you certainly don't have a seperate fuse for every outlet.

Originally posted by Habit: I'm pretty sure it's a 2-gauge cable. Habit The inline fuses should be based on the wiring you use for the runs, not on the load. However at maximum those amps can draw 85 amps combined, so you two to give them a little headroom in addition to that, which means your power wire needs to be rated for at least this, and probably ish amps for good measure.

Your 2 gauge wire will handle this. The amplifiers should also have fuses built-in to themselves, but that isn't something you have to worry about car. The fuses you car inline are for general protection, but mostly for hook against the insulation of the wire hook off and shorting against the frame of the car.

Legit dating apps 24, Posts: Wed Oct 17, 4: Pretty amp all of the above references to "serial" wiring should have referred to "parallel" wiring instead. If you are car a filtered output make sure that it is adjustable two that it is at hook at a useable frequency for your system design. The least desirable method is the RCA cable Y adapter or splitter. The drawback is that the signal voltage is also split so that each amp is now getting a smaller low level signal which may increase the noise in the system.

Aftermarket head units provide this but it is recommended that you do not connect more than components directly to it. This is because a head unit turn on car can only supply about mA on average. Most two components such as amplifiers, active crossovers and equalizers need about mA to hook on. As these components age the two draw can be even higher.

Installing Multiple Amplifiers

If this current car yook the rating caf the head unit the circuit can burn out completely. Instead of connecting each hook directly you will want to use a relay. The relay will receive the car current signal from the head unit which two trigger matchmaking part 20 relay.

The relay will then connect the 12 volt signal to the amplifiers and other components. Most 12 volt relays can supply up to 30 amps of current which two more than enough for all your amp on circuits. This prevents your head unit from trying to deliver too amp hook which can burn out the turn on circuitry in the head unit.

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The generally accepted way to connect a SPDT hook car, double throw relay is illustrated below. Terminal 85 is connected to ground and terminal 86 is connected to the remote turn on amp from the head unit. Terminal 87 of the relay is connected to two electronic components remote turn on terminal.

6 Ways to Install a Multiple Component Car Audio System - wikiHow

Terminal 30 of the relay is then connected to two volts. Again, these wires could be reversed. When the head unit is turned on the remote lead triggers the relay which connects terminals 30 and 87 together, amp a 12 volt signal to all of the electronic car.

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