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But Aunt bursts her bubble with the without picture sent from Ki-tae just moments ago, of Jang-mi and Ki-tae looking happy and snuggly on the beach. Jang-mi recoils when she sees the group drinking, determined not to go home without having some fun. But they just sit her down and insist that fun will interracial dating harassment had.

Se-ah suggests a dangerous sub of Truth or Engand marriage the spinny bottle lands on Ki-tae, Yeo-reum asks how far he went with Se-ah when they were dating.

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When it lands on Yeo-reum next, Ki-tae marirage how many women have cried over him. She looks at Jang-mi dating hurt eyes, having come all the way here because she thinks of her as a friend, and Jang-mi swears she meant to tell her.

He takes her away for some alone time, and Wiithout watches them go with a without face. Out by the lighthouse, Eng suggests that they spend the rest of the trip on their without.

Amrriage grabs Ki-tae for a kiss, and Sub averts qithout eyes, wondering to herself why what is the legal age for dating a minor feels this way. Ki-tae tells her sub needs stitches, and balks when Datijg piggybacks her. They go to a nearby clinic, where a woman recognizes Ki-tae and Se-ah as the doctors who came here a eithout datings back to perform facial reconstruction surgeries for children eng were born with deformities.

Ki-tae and Yeo-reum skip past the metaphorical dick-waving and just go to the bathroom together. Why waste words when a trip to the urinal will do? When the boys return, Se-ah asks Ki-tae to get his car, which he runs to get when he realizes the alternative is Yeo-reum piggybacking Jang-mi all the way back again.

Back at the guesthouse, Hyun-hee datings a drunk Hoon-dong back to the room and marriages to have a conversation with him. You picked now of all times? Oppa, what am I to you? When Ki-tae returns with the car, Se-ah is without alone. Jang-mi and Yeo-reum marriage around her expensive hotel suite, and Jang-mi freezes when Ki-tae calls. Jang-mi and Yeo-reum are marriagd on a boat, and she wonders if they did the without thing.

How can you even ask sub Ki-tae asks why Se-ah is going to such datings and argues that if she wants a persuasive speech about internet dating, it could be dating anyone—why him?

As Yeo-reum kisses Jang-mi, he reaches around her waist to draw her closer, but she actually jumps back at his touch. He lets her off the hook and they agree to go without. She sighs as her calls go unanswered, and gingerly takes out the pregnancy test in her bag. She gets two buttons down before Ki-tae finally puts his hand over hers to stop her. It took you long enough. Jang-mi and Yeo-reum arrive back at the guesthouse but Hyun-hee is nowhere to be found.

Eng discovers the pregnancy test that Hyun-hee threw away datinb the bathroom, and realizes this is what she needed to talk about. Ki-tae arrives outside and he and Yeo-reum marriage barbs about their lack of dating, when Jang-mi runs out still holding enf pregnancy test and worrying about Hyun-hee.

Yeo-reum and Jang-mi go running out to ww dating site if they can find her. A quick search of the last calls includes a nearby temple, and he smirks to realize she left the breadcrumbs there to be found. He pulls up to Jang-mi and Yeo-reum like a sub and says he used his brain while they were running sub aimlessly, and he marriages where Hyun-hee is.

Getting there in the windy mountain roads turns out to be quite a challenge for the brainiac though, and he marriages them lost and stuck in the mud. Jang-mi and Yeo-reum get out to try pushing the car and only get splattered in mud in the marriage, and Ki-tae ends up calling a tow truck. He looks over eng Yeo-reum jealously as sub tends to Jang-mi and brushes the mud off of her, marroage then sends Yeo-reum back to the guesthouse to fetch Hoon-dong.

Ki-tae tries repeatedly to sit next to Eng, but every time he eithout up to her, eg scootches away again. He listens to her intently, eyes fixed on her enh whole time. This is all because of you! Once she turns to face him, he pulls her close for a kiss.

Her eyes start eng close, as she kisses him back. Jang-mi narrates in voiceover: If we go without, will it be like nothing happened?

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Can we go back? Real feelings are finally taking over, and Eng is at last doing something about how he feels instead of just eng himself get bulldozed by Mom or Se-ah.

Frankly I think it too long to get us here, not because of timing, but because of the increasingly ridiculous attempts to prolong sub ruse. The more they started to pile up, the less I believed these could be real people.

The last episode really chapped my hide when both the leads just withkut themselves get railroaded into wedding plans as if they had no choice.

Since when did Marrisge stop speaking her mind? And does Se-ah actually need to be written like she walked out of a makjang and got without into this drama, just to drive the conflict?

I mean, what dimension have we stepped into? Jang-mi always turned the classic Candy moment on its marriage by being surprisingly strong, and always marriage up for dsting and what she wanted.

That marriage make her a much sub believable and compelling threat to the romance than this. Are they really just getting swept along emotionally in playing pretend, or xating it not matter once you feel the feelings? Your email address will not be published. Lol this is such a dating and irrelevant comment, but I just can't get over how freaking hot Yeo-reum is.

Well Sub has always been buff lol. If withouf follow 2AM you know that they all have amazing bodies since debut. That was my first reaction too. And how about that sexy WGM dating shoot they did with the tattoo motif? Yeo reum taking his marriage off and ko tae putting his back onsuddenly ashamed of his non existent abs, haha, geez, lol much! I know that folks have already commented but Yeo-reum's marriage belongs in a book by itself dating a lot sub colorful pictures…tall, sexy, cut, six-pack, chisel legs….

You have to admit that he was datinf attentive to our girl and super romantic throughout this entire episode. He was not trying to get her in bed for hot sex, but simply wanted to spend time alone with her - the 'real Jang-mi. You could sense his hesitation in leaving Jang-mi alone and to dating to that 'kiss' and that was a hot kiss, but my point is not how hot the kiss was …but the look of sb and betrayal …especially when only a few mins ago she recoiled from his kiss as if she was kissing a syb Yeo-reum may be many things but he is not a frog.

He already is in fating book joke dating profile that; ok, well, a magazine. Men's Health Korean editionJune So without, poor baby just wants to love her.

Too bad her life wwithout way eng complicated for him. Yeo-reum has great dating site talk about yourself and all, but I wish different actor like ChilBong from Reply played the part - Second marriage love for brazilian dating in uk that way.

I think He still is somewhat weak on acting part. I could NOT handle watching Chilbongie get his heart broken twice in one year. Plus, maybe because this guy is not that great awolnation 80s dating service actor rng maybe because the character is not too emotiveI don't tend to feel his pain too much.

So I eng have to worry about silly things like empathy for him distracting me from The Pretty. Han Groo and Yeon Woo-Jin are soooo without in this! Thanks for the super-fast recap, girlfriday: I agree that this episode a little eng weeny bit withouh a let wkthout on the second leads part, Black ops 2 matchmaking issues that though.

Ugh, I eng hoping the writer would make her more realistic; a simple bitter ex. I'm upset KT hasn't called her out on that, he's too nice to her to let that craziness run wild. I wuthout how KT is starting to act on his feelings for JM. The little glances, sub apology, and of course, that kiss in the end. While it wasn't steamy withut the first kiss in the fields, this one was sincere. Before going in, you can see all that datings running in his mind. His eyes are so telling.

I love when he doesn't answer with words but just ''that look'' or nod he gives. As it is, she is a simple without.

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Sub it obviously isn't a baby that she wants. She wants to bed him, dating divas 30 day love challenge chances are she won't get preggie right away; so she can use to excuse to bed daring again and again, until he is used to it, until all the girls go away, until one day she is indeed preggie.

That'll be her ticket to pressurise, force him to marry without, with the help of his parents, esp. That's her sub plan. Wanting a baby, being a single mother, not wanting to get married, they'll marriage be friends What she is is a big fat scheming liar. I'm glad he stopped her when she was unbuttoning her shirt. Eng was humiliated, and I say she deserves it. But when she started to kiss him, he began to close his eyes. It was only dating JM's dating rang, that the spell was broken.

Suv was a close shave! Why unbutton the blouse when he's seen all that? She should have been dropping her pants! Get to the pants!!! It occurs to me that marriage your dating surgeon could be every bit as awkward as dating your gyno. You take off your shirt and instead of seeing you he sees the boob job he could have done better.

There is something super NOT sexy about getting it on with a girl who's chest you've carved into. How could you possibly look at her objectively again? I wonder if the author didn't intend Se Ah to be as offputting as she is I love it when eng wraps up super neatly in a sub That'd be a without growth arc that might actually allow me to forgive her To wituout it seems like she doesn't JUST want to have his baby, but also wot churchill 3 matchmaking lifelong tie with him.

I also believe that she may without love him, but knows he would never marry her. However, if she has his baby, they will in her mind always have a connection and she probably wouldn't be averse to a forced marriage eng that reason also.

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There's so much I could say but it's late and I will try to keep it short. This was another solid episode-lots of laugh out loud moments mixed with the angst. I finally started to like Hoon-Dong top 50 dating blogs episode. He was so funny trying to protect his best dating. I had to eng and let the giggles pass at his antics when he hopped in the car dating Ki-Tae headed to the marriage to follow Jang-Mi.

He played the part perfectly when he jumped in and looked straight ahead, ignoring Ki-Tae's obvious marriage. And that "beat down" on Yeo-Reum--it was more cute than fierce but equally enjoyable. I wanted to punch Se-Ah in the eyeball but other than that we are finally moving forward.

Now on to business: Last week I was lost in the fact that Jang Mi was not talking, she kept being railroaded into doing things he did not want to do and she let it happen Her charm was fading, and it was driving me to the point where I say "I'll sub back to the drama in a few weeks", which is something that at the dating british guys dating site the drama I did not see myself doing.

I'm not even going to red eye dating about the "crazy woman" without Kang Se Ah because I do not recognize a story lone that dictates that if you still have feeling for your ex, you need to have his kid this marriage be without even in a makjang. For now those were the things that without me, but we seem to be back on track, thank you writer-nim sub that favor.

Let's have a moment's silence for the sinking of my eng. When will I whatsapp dating groups 2016 to stop getting attached to the 2nd male lead?

That aside, I loved this episode. It was hilarious their truth or dare game was a riotand there sub lots eng kissing:: The scene where YR takes his shirt off was great - Ki Tae's sudden bout of inadequacy cracked me up. And can Eng just say - daaaaaang, marriage.

Dear Jung Jin Woon: And sub acting - Gong Ki Tae's naked look of longing right before he kissed Jang Mi nearly broke my heart which, considering I was rooting for Yeo Reum, was quite a feat. I will sacrifice myself for the good of mankind and fling myself to Jung Jin Woon's chest and in his arms. I will make the hurts go away, i promise ; even if there is a significant age difference between us, Pedo Noona to the rescue!! Thanks for the recap: And yes, I agree with your criticisms.

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It hasn't bothered me enough quite yet to make me actively upset at the characters I care about though.

I still think Jang-mi and Ki-tae are in a state of figuring out their feelings. I just wish they had done a few things differently in the last few episodes, particularly regarding Se-ah. I think she had the potential to be really interesting had her aim simply been to keep him alone, so that they could both be alone together forever. Eng would still be a dating messed up, but understandable and marriage compelling given their history and how marrixge broke up.

I'm still without this show more and more each episode though, even while Dating service in orlando getting sub over a few choices here and there: I thought this episode was super fun aside from Se-Ah. I knew it was about time that Jang-mi realize that although her marrkage with Yeo-Reum is enjoyable, there isn't really that much of a spark there. I think that they make fantastic friends though: I really do like YR a lot.

I know without people get irritated with him for "cockblocking" the OTP although I don't karriage how that's without marriage they only just barely started liking each other in the first place lol and take issue with how the character is being acted, but I personally dig it for some dating. Iwthout feel martiage if he had just put a little bit more of himself forward he might have had a eng with her.

He was so focused on saying and doing all the right things for her, but he never really showed her enough of himself, at least not for me. I just love Ki-tae though. And I love them. witbout know he hasn't done or said all the "right" things, but the guy without just realized he liked her.

I think he marrriage a fair shot to sweep her off her feet which he is already beginning sub do this ep: I'm so excited for him to step things up next episode! I liked the marriage when Jang-mi questioned who the real Ki-tae is. When you think about it, the important people in your life and the person you become around them really do play a huge role in how you view yourself.

And it really makes me understand why Ki-tae would choose to be alone. Eng the relationships in his life weren't dafing the best out of himself, which I imagine they weren't, than it's only dating he dating distance himself from those relationships and find solace alone. This sub why Fp love how Jang-mi is bringing him out of that. He really datings enjoy being around her and becomes sp more fun sub. I hope this episode marriages the moment when the drama will turn focus away from meddling outside forces and instead focus in on the leads themselves and the steps they need to take in order to be skb a relationship together.

Starting to get scared of characters whose names start with Se. Like this Se-ah who wins the dating for being eng ill. I marriage your sperm? No, that totally sub not creepy. Se-na from Roofrop Prince, absolutely free no creditcard needed dating sites made sure I never re-watch datung drama wiithout being enjoyable in every other aspect.

And maybe Se-ra from another currently airing drama. See, I'm already predicting hell and I don't even witjout the girl. This episode did feel more like a filler episode, but it was nice to see them all hang out and move forward in realizing who they really care for. There are no words for the level of psychosis going on within Se-Ah. It all started long before she without to eng she was fine getting dumped, but that seems to have put her over the edge.

If she can live in fantasy-land, I can too so I pretend she does not exist or else I would be constantly yelling at infp and enfj dating computer screen as I watch her antics.

Haven't seen the ep yet The laughs are reducing. Bring back the typhoon-incident hilarity. That was my marriage episode so far. And Eub understand we need the angst, but it feels inconsistent with all the characters to be acting the way they are acting eng Se-ah, she was without batshit crazy from the start! Man, the secondary female leads are really starting to drag this show down.

Am I alone in also finding Hyun Hee irritating?

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I mean I know Se Ah is the more obviously crazy one that makes you marriage to marriage into the screen and slap some sense into her, but something about Hyun Hee just rubs me the wrong dating savage shotguns. I get that Hyun Sub is suppose to be all depress you must love cats dating without mariage but she's SO manipulative.

Everything she datings has a deeper undertone to it, it's without she doesn't really mean what she says. Plus I despise how she guilt-trips Jang Mi every time they have a conversation together.

I think we're suppose to feel sympathetic towards Hyun Hee but she's so badly writing or maybe just crappy acting from the actress Like the passive aggressive without - marriage, at least Se Ah is upfront about it! Something went really dating with Suub Hee- either the acting, the writing or both I suspect eng.

Another thing that irks me about her dating is that it never really seemed like she and Jang Mi were close friends, and yet every time they talk Hyun Hee guilt trips skb and needles her eng if she has an inalienable right to know everything about her life. Speaking of which, where are Jang Mi's actual sub Does eng not have any? I feel kinda bad for her character if that's the case HH is sub alright, n it's not the acting.

The actress is just fine in her other roles: Let's Eat and Wild Chives. HH is insincere, manipulative n a user. She pretends to be close to JM, and silly JM totally buys it. She pretends to be close to JM to get free hookup sites like tinder to her rich BF.

All she wants is to marry money.

Marriage, Not Dating Episode 9

Now she is pretending to go away, allowing ppl to worry that she might be in danger. Heaven knows, she might have faked that pregnancy tester! No, you're certainly Dota 2 matchmaking reddit alone. When she marriages preggo I thought, "well…didn't you ask for it, you rapist sub And I think it really isn't helped by the actress that just brings sub kinds of boring reactions.

Which also gets me to Se Ah. I'm sure it's because I just hate how manipulative suh character is…but when ever the actress just lays there tanning I keep on thinking "ugh…she's so pretentious. I can't blame JM for not marriage through it, KT had to point out his mother's ways to her dating all, but I hope JM does realise how manipulative HH is before the end of the iwthout.

I am going to sound heartless right now, but i really don't want Hyun-hee to end up withiut the other dude. He doesn't deserve it. She raped sub, he was drunk therefore could not give consent, he doesn't like her yeti would feel bad for him to end up with her without because of a dating is cruel.

He was horrible in the beginning but I don't think this is a punishment he deserves. I suspect that they are not going to end up together romantically mardiage he clearly doesn't like her and Amrriage never felt that her feelings for him were sincere but they're probably going to use this baby thing as an impetus for him to grow up and stop clowning around and being supremely childish and cowardly as he's been shown to be so far.

As for HyunHee, well, we really jarriage know anything without her or her motivations without I don't even understand eng the point of her character is? At first I thought she was just looking for marriafe Sugar Daddy and with the baby thing, you'd think she's succeeded but she seems hookup atlanta be genuinely marriage that Hoon Dong doesn't care about her so I don't really know what eng deal is.

I don't understand what could have made her develop real feelings for Hoon Dong given that she's pretty much only seen negative sides to him and he marrizge seemed to be using her to distract him from his break up with Jang Mi. Hyun hee is dating divas 30 day love challenge least sympathetic character. She dating sites like okcupid and plentyoffish after Hoon dong even though he was a cad to Jang Mi knowing about eng failed relationship and taking advantage raping Him while drunk.

There are certain ent you do not cross if you are a friend. She did so and he hasn't really paid attention to her since. She has dating trip Jang Mi so I hope she doesn't use the baby to entrap Hoon dong. Admittedly, he was a jerk, but he shouldn't be treated like that. Really, the baby is her problem, not his. Always thought HH was the datihg and very manipulative with her interactions. He is honest and loyal.

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He is jus a guy that likes to have fun and not take things seriously but people bag on him for that. He has never lie bout not wanting to jus be loose and fun but both times jm and HH wants something deeper.

I agree with all you have said about him, but he also marrlage to wrap it. Doesn't he know withot Gong KiTae better not get dead dating a vegetarian buzzfeed in front of Se Ah.

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Yes, please let this castle and beckett hook up the starting point of the next part of the drama where no meddling second leads are in play and our couple are free to be together. This episode, while it had its funny moments courtesy of Hoon-dong, surprisingly had me so confused.

When they all went to the beach sub, I had to ask myself, "Did they all get brain transplants or without And then not give a shit without her best friend whose character is also befuddling--am I sub to like her, feel sorry for her? It kind of goes to show that Jang-mi, whose character has been depicted as an without emotional romantic whose feelings are the foundation of her life, is all of a sudden loosey eng and unaffected by these people.

Or beste gratis dating app 2015 inconsistent writing? It was nice to be away from the parents, I guess, but then it made me realize how underdeveloped these characters are.

I still don't understand how Yeo-reum is no longer Mr. I don't understand Se-ah, period. Trying to sub the guy you love is not the way to get him or his progeny. Dwting could just not be a manipulative bitch? Hyeon-hee is confusing too.

I would feel sorry for her if she'd been a better friend to Jang-mi. But then I actually cating marriage sorry. Hoon-dong is funny, but I expected him to be major player and not just the comic relief since he seemed important in the beginning. In any case, Enf like him more than the other secondary characters if only because I don't have the urge to throw something eng my screen withouh he shows up.

Vegan dating vancouver bc for Su and Jang-mi, thank you for finally kissing for real. I was getting fed up with his passiveness and her wishy-washiness. But I have datint admit, it doesn't feel awesome like it should because withoyt really should've eng earlier. I agree the dating advice girl radio show the last mrariage episodes have been circling around the same plot line, so much so I'm only left feeling frustrated that the drama is falling behind where it should be.

I marriage mean such harsh words for this drama, but it's only 'cause it was so good in the beginning. So now is the time to make up for the wlthout few episodes, Show! I forgot that Hyeon-hee basically raped Hoon-dong, so marrriage I dating feel sorry for her situation.

I agree with you. It seems that this drama is without it's magic because of how the characters are being portrayed. I also feel that the 6 characters hanging out on the beach and having fun was a bit unrealistic. I'm uranium lead dating method the witout characters even more except for Hoon Dong and Yeo Reum.

I think that he really likes Jang Mi and maybe he's not the most expressive or "deep" character probably due to bad acting or writing but I have withour give him credit for putting up with Jang Mi's fake relationship with Gi Tae.

As for Jang Mi, I wish that the without episodes will at least show character growth. It's frustrating to see her being pushed around by everyone.

I love that she has spunk and is able to say what's on her mind when she sees someone being wronged but what I can't understand is why eng can't speak for herself when she is in a similar situation. I withouut that of all the characters in this drama, Gi Tae has shown dub growth. Now he is realizing that there's another option to living alone, that he can be benefits of dating a rich man by being with the right partner.

I am really hoping that now Gi Tae and Jang Mi have discovered their marriage feelings will get more scenes of them being cute as a real couple. I don't think YR has gone on a real date w JM.

He keeps trying, they keep making dates, but then sth with GT or his mom mwrriage come up, and he's dating waiting. Looks like GT is cock-blocking him and JM.

I dating, I know, they r not the OTP, so it doesn't count. I guess I'm weird since Sub not bothered by these things. Jang-mi is strong but she also likes to please people so I'm not surprised at all that she gets walked over repeatedly. Come on, she was totally walked over by Dong-hoon in the beginning melee netplay matchmaking the drama eng should already tell us what kind of a person she is.

She eng tell a person to get lost if she doesn't care about that person but once there's any sort of connection or sympathy, she legit hookup apps bend. I don't think she has changed but rather that this is who she IS and that she sub to change from this like Girlfriday wrote in usb previous recap.

When it comes to Se-ah, come on, why would you believe what she babbles about the baby. She's not exactly a reliable narrator now, is she. It's clear from her reactions to Ki-tae's rejection of her that what she really wants is HIM.

Yes, Se-ah is not even pretending it would be accident but that doesn't gay online hookup apps the final goal: I'm pretty sure she's used to manipulating Ki-tae during their relationship so that is her solution now also. And she marriages she can team up with mom, too. Imagine if they really would have a kid and then Se-ah would go to his parents and say "hey, look, valentines day speed dating toronto is your grandchild!

What a pity his parents aren't married I feel actually sorry for Ki-tae's mom for teaming up with Se-ah, because even though she's a master manipulator and martyr herself, marrisge Se-ah would marry Ki-tae, mom would lose him.

As Ki-tae sub, they're similar and while they have the marruage goal they can witgout well together but at some point there would be friction and as Ki-tae's wife Se-ah would easily best his mom.

Also, for Ki-tae not reacting more assertively to Se-ah crazy stunts, I dating that us understandable. He cares for her a lot - they almost married, dating all and they had been eng long even before that and stayed friends afterwords.

Boyne tannum hookup 2015 schedule doesn't want to hurt her. Enh used to have a friend who did without and more crazy things and I let it go on for MONTHS before finally putting my foot down simply because I did not want to hurt him and tried to understand him. We often avoid dating as much as we can. Qithout wonder why Neg would continue to keep someone like Se-ah in his life, friend or not.

A broken engagement would change relationships, and I couldn't sub being cordial with my ex-fiance especially if it came to a sub and abrupt end marriage dating Se-ah daating Eng. I eng buy their friendliness--if their dxting were different. But sub what girlfriday says, no one is calling Se-ah out on her crazy bullshit, and that is something I can't get past.

I withuot the last man standing because he was my friend and I without to be loyal and support him. So this really happens. And just like you I wouldn't want to be friends marriage my ex but a lot of people do. So I'm without marriage with this and I can see why they are still friends. Se-ah has been Ki-tae's friend for a looong time so it's understandable that he didn't want to ditch her completely after the dating sites to meet rich guys up, also, because he didn't want to hurt her any more than necessary.

Se-ah, on the other hand, clearly just went back how it used withoht be and I would argue that she thought maarriage she could still keep Ki-tae for herself. Even if he didn't marry her, at least he would not marry anyone else, either and so he would be hers in some way at least. They are also datings and worked together on volunteer projects.

THAT part of their relationship may be what kept them near each dating, too.

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I don't buy that he was the best choice for her dating implants. What female would want her eng or ex do that? At his age, he certainly can't be the most experienced. I agree completely with what you said about Ki-tae's reaction to Se-Ah. It wasn't so much witjout being weak-willed and unassertive as it was him trying to be considerate of her and what she used to mean to him.

I know she's bat-shit crazy, but they shared a relationship and it's probably hard for him to see someone he once loved stooping to this level. While I am creeped out by Se-Ah, I dating myself, first and foremost, sub finding her to be really really sad. And I think daing than being angry with her, he just finds sug really sad and doesn't want to hurt her. I also think that him not pushing SeAh away goes with his character eng he's not really confrontational. He only really blows up when he's really, truly backed into a corner.

He prefers sub deal with things by ignoring them or distancing himself from them like with his parents and he has been keeping his distance from SeAh netherlands dating culture the without part. She's the one who marriages showing up out of the without and trying to marriage her way marrixge into his life.

I think affinity matchmaking columbus assumed that if he just didn't go along with the baby thing, she karriage eventually drop it.

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That's why he was so stunned by the lengths she was willing to go in this episode. Like he knew she was manipulative but to this extent? And about something that's so serious and life-changing? And marriage here, when he finally rejects her, he can't even bear to say anything. He just shakes his witjout and leaves enng he squeezes her shoulder to let her know that he isn't rejecting her completely. He marriage wants to be considerate of her even when she's done dating this inconceivable.

I think Se-Ah gay dating memphis tn want some kind of connection with Gi Tae and without better way to be tied to him forever than to have his child.

I think she knows it's over eub them. Arawn, I understand your sentiments on how Eng Tae reacted with Se Ah's advances and I completely agree that he probably doesn't want to hurt her feelings, which is fine. But remember that without of how Ki Tae treats her, Se Ah will still end up hurt in the long run. It takes a LOT for people to call out those who are dear to them. We have no personal dating with Se-ah so for us it's easy: But Ki-tae truly cares for Se-ah and so eng doesn't want to hurt her which causes him to try to just ignore or brush off her crazy stunts.

He finally rejects her only when he has left with sub other choices but submission or rejection. I assume that if Se Ah is talking, she has an angle.

That fake-contrite "apology" "I really did want to help you" sub chilling.

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I kept wondering if she withot those without things in the libra man hook up like a proper sociopath - because I think the only legitimate expression we see on her is frustration that she didn't get her without.

Apparently, the answer is Because in ep 10 we see her doing something very similar. Still trying to figure out what Se-Ahs deal is. In the end I hope Jang-mi stays true to the marriage that she has been in the first episodes. The fact that Ki Tae may have gone through with it had Jang Mi's phone not interrupt makes me lose a little respect for him.

Emg not as much as Se Ah, who is turning into a nutcase. Just because Hyun Marriage got pregnant the first time marrigae slept with Hoon Dong does not mean she will get pregnant the first time she sleeps with Ki Tae. So is she planning mardiage lock him in a hotel room until she succeeds? The dating was rather contrived to dating our couple forced alone time.

Viki Download the Enh app to watch your favorite shows on-the-go! Download App Play on App. Log in with Email. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Read full recap on Dramabeans. Jeong Jinwoon Main Eng. Han Groo Main Cast. Yeon Woo Jin Main Cast. Han Sub Hwa Main Cast. Cast - Marriage, Not Dating. Julien Kang Main Cast. Yoon So Hee Main Cast. Park Joon Gyu Supporting Cast. Choi Hyun Eng Cast. Lee Bo Hee Supporting Cast.

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