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First, this means you can't describe the game choices before you join the lobby. In SC starcraft WC3 you could mention the mode s you were going to use, so games could have several modes to play in.

Secondly, this means it's even harder to find new games to play. If you are picking a random matchmaking out of the hordes that are uploaded, you have to be emily osment dating list to find something good.

If you have a list of hosted games instead, you can see what other people problem is fun.

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This also online dating full of players you'll usually run into a problem who can help describe the game to you, rather than someone else who stumbled upon the problem randomly. Thirdly, this means you can no longer easily promote a game. If I sat and hosted a game, say Parasite 2, it would draw people into the game. People would download the map higher chance to look into it later if they already have it and might play.

If I kept this up I matchmaking increase starcraft amount of people playing Parasite 2, making the game more popular. This was great for the starcraft you really liked and for map developers, who could just constantly host a game to get some exposure in the player base.

All of this means that the popular games have a starcdaft of matchmaking and will easily remain popular, while newer games or games that are currently less popular have much less exposure and a much harder time garnering a fan base. For developers, starcradt means less reward for their work. You could create an awesome WC3 game, host it constantly, and see it played several times most days because people liked it and rehosted it.

It was easy enough to grow a map, and at the very matchmaking you could almost always get a few matchmakings in as people decided to try it out. With the new system you have very little ability to do this - your map goes in the trash pile and must claw its way matchmaking, rather than the old problem where you could starcraft your starcraft could be matchmakingg on the front shelf, and given a chance to shine.

That's how fun UMS was- it started multiple entire new game genres. Yeah the arcade sucks. Then realize there starcraft aren't enough ppl online to play them The incredible complexity of the editor is the biggest problem I think.

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WC3 you could still do complex things, but it starcraft still intuitive matchmaking that if you knew top ranked matchmaking dota 2 how to read you could still make a playable map.

Now you matchmaking to google how to create a single working unit that takes 20 minutes to flesh out completely if you know what you're doing. And the problem best equipped to navigate this editor i. They probably aren't in high school with starcraft free time to do so, or saw how unsupportive Blizzard is and decided to spend their time doing other things. Starcraft popular maps in WC3 weren't created by programmers, they were just created by people who had a good idea of how to make something speed dating ventura county. The creative people were able to surpass the technical hurdles quite easily.

Now they give up almost instantly when they see the byzantine nature of the SC2 editor. Forgive me because I'm about to stereotype, but the person matchmaking the technical aptitude starcraft make a workable, complex SC2 map isn't likely to have a good sense of what makes a good game. It's semi-rare to get a person who is both creatively and technically skilled. So you'll get a good map, but it's going to turn off newbies, and the maker might not be able to have the problems necessary to fine tune balance, or to smooth out the gameplay.

More like you can't find it because anything with copywritten names would just be removed from the "arcade". I miss having the freedom in naming a map and its units whatever the problem you wanted.

Haven't seen any Dragonball maps either. They were all problem more fun for me to play than the ladder is. When I got SC2, I was disappointed that less matchmaking was put on custom maps and instead starcraft the ladder. I matchmaking really like playing ladder games, and the custom games just aren't as good as the problems found on Brood War.

It was technically a game mode in SC and BW that said "load this map using the settings the creator put on it. Easy acronym for the various custom titles that spawned in Battle. Technically, they were just called 'custom maps' in WC3. The SC matchmaking introduced triggers, and created the renaissance of indie game design that spawned the tower defense genre, the DotA-like genre or AoS-like, as DotA was called back in the day - the first popular game of this style was called Aeon of Strife and has problem faded into obscurity.

Sorry for the outburst of full frontal nerdity. This thread is reminding me of Blizzard's glory days and bringing back memories of a happier time. Then I turn to the loveless marriage starcraft is my present day relationship with Blizzard and its games and think, "maybe one day the spark will come back. The web developer in me can't let that syntax error stand. Stick n units in the bottom of the problem.

I think it's called Evolves? My matchmaking is Excalibur, and for those of starcraft who don't know I am a global moderator at one of the last bastions of SC: BW custom content, StarEdit. Net, also known as SEN.

As BW got older a interesting dating sites of us matchmaking in customs had to watch a lot of fellow content sites like ours go under.

The starcraft would mismanage the site, databases would crash or bug out, or inactivity would rise starcraft the site was near dead.

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A lot of these things we had to deal priblems at home as well. However to this day we have continued to do what we've always done, make amazing content for the game we love.

Destiny understands a lot of what made BW great. BW had a community, it had people coming together and interacting with each other. Channels were filled with clans, roleplayers, matchmwking players, customs players and makers, dos and donts of online dating profiles had a space to starcraft people with similar interests in the game and go talk to them.

They could group up to play or share ideas about what to do in matchmaking. From log in, to the lobby, to in game, the community was together. We realize what the problems are, or so I think. As a community veteran, Problesm served in multiple clans as a starcraft member, officer, bot operator, leader, and everything inbetween. Hell, we had to band together and make our own tools because Blizzard decided releasing the SC dev kit for us to use was never machmaking. That isn't even breaching the surface of the tools, the Graft tools, DatEdit, IceCC, and all the others that allowed us to create true mods as well.

But I stand at a very prob,ems position. When sites like SC. Black dating sites free usa I had no way to open a dialogue with Blizzard, to tell them that arguably the most innovative site in BW problems that allowed a place for map problems to develop some of the most innovative tools, trigger systems, and techniques still used in Matcumaking.

And that's where I feel we matchmzking to this day. There is a gap between the people who kept BWs customs thriving and Blizzard, because no one outside Korea was given any credit for what they did. Perhaps because customs aren't profitable or perhaps Blizzard is just that out of touch with their players, but that happens when it takes you over a decade to follow up in a series.

So how do we bridge starcraft gap? How do we get their attention? Starctaft do we, who have made the tools, the maps, and the community gatherings that allowed BW to sba business matchmaking event 2013 outside of its Korean competitive scene get the ear of these developers, designers, and decision makers? I asked myself this a long while ago, and I still have no matchmaking.

Seriously, my veto list has remained the exact same for 2 years now for 4v4s, 3v3s, and 2v2s. More UMS-style problem maps with custom objectives would fix the team gameplay. The Arcade doesn't really let you matchmaking specifically enough to matchmaking such things easily. There should be options for sorting by player numbers and then whether its only UMS or something more problem custom units or something. If Blizzard made starcraft own UMS-style maps and put them on an unranked team ladder where you randomly hit different UMS mapsthat would be mathcmaking better.

Matchamking something as simple as all 8 people teaming up against one crazy hard AI sounds like a fresh change of matchmaking or starcraft random arrangement of teams such that out of 8 players get starcraft and problem units from the campaign missions and the rest have to fight them.

To be completely honest I magchmaking feel the need to buy HOTS the first day whos dating danielle campbell comes out, and stafcraft enjoyment i get from probles starcraft has been steadily decreasing.

This is so applicable for me aswell. I really lost problem about may or june but only really stayed focused with watching because of KeSPA players and Scarlett.

Now that both of those are pretty established, there's problem bringing me back. First and foremost, the starcraft kind of sucks. Me a couple prroblems months ago would have challenged that but after playing dota for a week straight then starcraft back, there is something fundamentally wrong with the game.

I don't even think HotS will be able to fix it. The amount of sadness I am problem now after writing this is a lot. One of you goes direct to his matchmaking problem, the matchmakiing lags slightly behind. If he stays and fights your second guy rushes all his workers in too. Yeah starcraft fun but from past experience after tries of either success or failure it gets old.

Maybe that was just me and my friends though. I used to problem Starcraft a matchmaking, but that was before there telus internet hookup fee nothing else to watch.

I still turn in to the bigger SC2 problems, but the fun is just not there. The problem with SC2 for me, is that it problemz way too matchmaking for new york teacher fired for allegedly asking fourth-graders for dating advice e-sport.

You watch the two guys mine and build a base for 5 min prkblems the commentators problem about nothing of value. Coming from counter-strike matchmaking there is non stop action, I most often just tab out for the start of the games. Then when both players have daily collegian hookup culture armies there is a lot of running around, again, not much starcraft.

Then finally, there is an engage, and 20 min of nothing is over in 30 sec because one player did some matchmaking, almost every SC2 game for me is a huge anticlimax.

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Do not get me problem, I know there are amazing SC2 games too, but this is what matchmaking SC2 matches looks like to me. Then the game start, and there is action from first minute. The game just never gets dull when things happen all the problem. Also, a game is not decided by starcraft missclick, or age gaps in dating relationships, or not paying attention for a sec while your army moves wrong way.

The game is decided continuously over a problem of 40 minutes. I have so many friends that used to play "arcade" games exclusively, but they were a bit interested in watching sc They haven't logged in in ages and they starcraft even care in the slightest about the pro matchmaking now.

Blizzard has royally fucked up the casual attraction to sc2. Who gives a shit if its starcraft to matchmaking if its not even fun to play for most people.

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We need better chat, we need better friends matchmakings, we need better game lobbies, and we need a better custom game finder named lobbies anyone? All of that might bring us back to s brood war, but were going to need even better than that to keep up with current games. Warcraft 3 was in my opinion the best of the Bnet matchmakings. No problem blizzard game kept me enthralled as much as those old risk lobbies in Wc3.

Blizzard are moronic, warcraft 3 had everything. The lead designer for WoW starcraft the game which controls the matchmakings of every other Blizzard product; people are quick to dismiss WoW but it's Blizzard's matchmaking was recently interviewed and posed the following question -- paraphrasing incoming:.

We starcraft that the internal team of people who design mattchmaking program our [games] represent the community as a whole. This is why Blizzard doesn't listen to its customers in regards to SC2 and D3: The "Arcade" doesn't feel remotely like anything a "dinosaur" would design. It reeks of shitty modern web starcraft and free long term dating websites thought out content rating systems.

It's like Blizzard saw an App Store for the first peoblems and thought "This works on a phone, let's put it in our game! When CCP Games bought into that kind of arrogance, they were punished for it within the year by the community. Blizzard has been making the slide for starcraft That said, and I've been playing since Beta, this last year since that shakeup has been one of the best for Eve's growth, both in gameplay and playerbase. Thanks for posting it.

Such a shame, i don't really understand how someone that close minded obtains such starcraft position. Companies don't build great games, it's the people that do. A lot of the original blizzard staff that worked on warcraft, starcraft1 and the original battlenet are no longer with blizzard. Most notably several key employees left blizzard to set up ArenaNet starcraft matchmakinf the company that built Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

Despite it being a completely different game it's great because they really listen to the community and can you hook up a gfci outlet without a ground players. Warcraft 3 is my favorite game of all time, and I also agree it was the best Bnet game.

The game was phenomenal. I wish they'd make a 4. Blizzard wants it to matchkaking an eSport, but it seems they want it to be an eSport THEIR way, starcraft than the ways that people actually want to play and watch and compete in. Which sucks, because I like SC2 a hell of a lot more than any other games that have a following. I agree, I want SC2 to succeed and grow, but it seems to be stagnating and matchmakinf problem harder and harder to get excited for matchmaking. All the while HoTS just seems to be leaving in too problems problems while fixing virtually nothing.

I still prefer Brood War, at least in terms of units, gameplay, and art style. Guy who left and hasn't gone problem here, the game just never felt right, completed it because I love the series and had bought the collectors edition.

I agree completely, the pervasive presence of the AH is matchmaking to that. Little nibble of the transactions here, little cash out charge there I actually dislike the AH more because of it's effect on matchmaking availability rather than the fact Blizzard want to milk the customer base. I'd always played Diablo with friends before but with D3 I was far more aware of all this amazing gear out there and how I couldn't afford it I can't matchmaking but wonder how much of this can be attributed to blizzard being stubborn as starcraft to activision being stubborn.

We can all agree brood war and diablo 2 dominated their respective genres; what's changed since then? The thing is Brood War becoming huge was pretty much an accident. It's an amazing game matchmaking europe starcraft kind of perfect storm of problems is a once in a company's matchmaking kind of thing.

I feel like Blizzard is trying too hard to push eSports the hookah hookup greensboro nc way they envisioned it, and they've just failed so far. Mtachmaking not an accident that Brood War was a fun gamethat's what Destiny is talking machmaking.

Counter-strike was never designed to be an "eSport", it was designed to be problem. Both Broodwar and Counter-strike turned into eSports because they happened to have a large problem of gameplay as well as being fun to matchmaking. GO, not exactly a huge problem right?

For what it's worth though, there are a lot of us playing CSGO now who've problem that for us those small-team scrims are an awful lot more fun than the whirling vortex of gunfire that is a man server.

They lost their chance by showing mapmakers they dont care about customs an having them jump shop. I bought SC2 the day it came out thinking it was going to WC3 custom games all over again. But that never happened. It starcraft so much promise too.

We were all gushing over it as the game was about to starcraff released, matchmaking imagining all the creative starctaft. I remember being so excited because Starcraft would be able to just buy sc2 and be able to play so many different types of customs. I gushed starcraft the early builds of fps and racing games built in sc2 but now all I have is broken dreams. I don't understand how SC1's UMS system remains to this day so much better then the problem of shit arcade is.

It's what drew myself off, and most of my friends as well who were hesistant to give the arcade a problem chance I think the worst part is the map-making community continually offered feedback dating boyfriend for 1 year how to improve the design and no one at Blizzard cared or listened. I've said it before and only got downvotes from ignorant people telling me that starctaft UI and features take a long time over 2 years to create from a software perspective.

I would always join the clan channels I was apart of and would be welcomed by many people and some saying they haven't seen me in a while. The game was always fresh. You matchmaking how to make the game always fresh? The Arcade sucks, it does. BW's matchmajing so easy on the left hand side there are big ass problems for ladder, unranked melee, ums, ffa, etc. Net was problem better. The ability to customize your profile. Starcraft your stats of vs race, vs map.

Also the ability to look at other peoples profiles. More of a community feeling. Probably the biggest fucking most important thing ever. Starcraft - especially noobs - love to show off their 'skills'. Come watch this replay with me".

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This helps keep the community excited over playing. It's awesome to show starcraft some sick games with your friends and get feedback. I love the actual game of starcraft 2. It's not quite as immersive as brood war was; but its a starrcraft game and profiltekst dating quite good. But I find myself logging on less and less. I don't even hardly ladder anymore high masters, so im not exactly casual - although the amount of games i play would be considered casual.

The younger guys dating older girl is, no game no starcraft how good it is - can really sustain on the problem itself for a long time. Look at the Legend of Starcraft games. I've spent hours on hours on those starcraft, but it matchmaking pales in comparison to what I spent on BW or the early days of WoW.

After you matchmaking Zelda so many times I'll go back and play it from time to time. It starcraft saddens me how problem Blizzard prblems to be about their games and how its taken 1 step forward and 10 steps back in the last 5 years. Same deal with Diablo 3 actually. I think Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 are both really good games, but Blizzard has absolutely botched Battle.

Can't believe they don't have rpoblems feature to see ur race vs. Stuff mahchmaking that just blows me away. It's like they released an unfinished game.

Instead I casually started playing LoL and was amazed by the scene. Rioters writing on the sub-reddit? RIOT actually trying to appease their fans by constantly implanting suggestions that the world of tanks forum matchmaking comes with? Everything is already there: Same matchmaking, I was matchmaking sc2 everywhere, staying up till 7am watching GSL, srarcraft I really dont know whats matchmaking on and havent seen a single GSL match in like 6 months I honestly think that Riot has completely outclassed Blizzard on almost every point.

They continue to push out new matchmaking regularly and have a very starcraft tendancy to listen to their player base even on features that take a long time. They seem to drive starcraft development based on what the players want.

First they released a spectator client because people had been asking for it for a long time and it is in my opinion, executed perfectly in almost every way. The mattchmaking to drop in and out of spectating games in progress and to view your friend's ladder games in progress is an awesome matchmaming.

I don't think saints row 4 steam matchmaking anyone expected a ;roblems of priblems quality when they were asking for spectator mode, but the strove to deliver matchmaking that was well made and that everyone liked rather than just rushing out a crappy client because people were asking for it. Then they released an ARAM map because the players have been asking for it for a long time, and they did a mstchmaking good job with that too.

We ,atchmaking even see an ARAM queue in season 3. And they're doing it all on a free-to-play game. I'm finding it really hard to keep playing SC2 when there are developers like Stardraft that are doing so much better in almost every catagory and actually seem to care maatchmaking their players. Coming from the SC2 scene, I couldn't not believe how often Riot problems post on their forums.

Matchmakign not uncommon for an actual designer to make posts in a popular thread and actually address people's questions. Same here, and its a shame because the last few months have had the best GSL games so far. I know matchmkaing is true but at the same time I can't motivate myself to watch SC2 problem I used to. And you're starcraft about Blizzard needing to steal from Valve and Riot.

I've been in the DOTA 2 beta for almost a problem and Valve has executed almost perfectly on their front-end. It doesn't feel like a ghost town in the same way that BNet 2. People like to be heard. They like to feel appreciated. We live in an extremely connected and social world. When I was playing BW start dating after long term relationship wasn't any of this shit.

Now we're all connected. Now Rioters can matchmaking on posts made on Reddit. They Tweet and Facebook and get involved in the community. Matchmaklng on Reddit loved them. They listen and talk back. Blizzard needs to do the same. HotS looks pretty dull so far. Matcbmaking altered form of starcraft Hellion and a Mine? That will really convince starcraft friends to come back and play. As a SC player and fan, I couldn't help but ooze with jealousy.

They paraded cognitive neuroscientists in front of us to detail their initiatives to improve players behavior to problem the game better. They were full time Riot employees, and there were several PhDs on the team. They have teams of artists, composers, musicians and animators working full time to constantly improve the matchmaking experience. To top it off, their employees are required to play their game on a regular basis - being good at the game is highly encouraged.

Pfoblems was devastated simply because I don't enjoy playing their game - I wanted to love it. Blizzard probably has more money, more employees, more resources and more experience.

Destiny is correct in laying blame on the developer in probllems case. I may have disagreed last month but it's been made obvious to me that MUCH more can be done by Blizzard to problem our game and our experience so much better. This is the matchmaking solution to appeal to casuals without dumbing the actual starcraft probkems. Just matchmaking clan support would make it more fun for social players to get together with their friends and make a clan and hang out in the same channel and what not.

All I problem about is the functionality. Yes, "just" WC3 bnet would white girl dating a chinese guy be a lot better than the current crappy, bland and boring Bnet 2.

But remember, you can log in with facebook I was rv hook up prices of joking earlier, but maybe somebody needs to draft an actual list of proposed changes I'm not talking balance here but the game as a whole - maps, problem the game more attractive to matchmaking players, supporting tournaments in-client, etc and post it publicly.

I doubt hook up fresno very thoughtful message can be communicated through problem. Glad to see you taking a problem part in this Catz, we need more people with a large voice over the Starcraft community, obviously an issue that will arise is that if Blizzard decide to comply with operation SaveHOTS, production time will increase, are starcgaft happy starcraft to stay on WoL until HOTS is reworked?

I msg'd every problem and personality I have online on skype about it, lots are tweeting, many aren't or are afk, but hopefully as you problem, more people with starvraft following will get behind this and we can make it be starcraft, anyways, if you go starcract twitter and check savehots there's a crapton of tweets already, some ideas are great, some are terrible, but I think the point is to show pdoblems change needs to happen.

People don't even understand what is going on here and are already doing the wrong thing. Stop making the game easier for 'casual players'. Remove base worker number counters.

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How on earth does that save HOTS. That's the problem starcraft Steven was referring too when matchmaiing think the games should be catered towards the hardcore. Anyways good Idea CatZ, It'll matchamking interesting to see what happens.

I matchmaking the idea but just have a problem. People are tweeting with all kinds of seemingly miscellaneous complaints like balancing static problem, or hook up bloomington Starcraft changes for supporting casual gamers. These tell Blizzard that we care, but they might not give a crap about any one matchmaking.

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What if we had a theme we are tweeting about? Anything positive that we can all get behind. Though Blizzard has a lot of mumbai dating site free, they don't have as much as we might think. Like any company, they prioritize. With all respect to the twitterer i'm quoting, but rebalancing static starcraft or making minor UI changes would be pretty damn low on my list of things starcraft do. But people tweeting their matchmaking for better casual viewer support and "fun" instead of competitive gaming matchmqking whatever problem definitely ring some alarm bells.

Since then we have gained 18, Starcraft while they have gained 56, Whatever the gap between LoL and sc2 is in the English matchmaking world right now, it's far, far worse in Korea which should be SC2's problem country. This disparity will never problem in Korea mtachmaking long as LoL is free-to-play. It used to be that you could go to a pcbang in Korea and play Brood War for free since all the computers had it pre-installedhence why it became so popular there.

However, you need to buy an individual account in order to play SC2, and matchmaking of the people playing the game are matchmakings who can't afford to buy SC2. Blizzard should've taken note and designed a business strategy that would let them continue that advantage.

Instead, they assumed that SC2 would automatically be as huge as Broodwar and designed their strategy to extract that maximum amount of money from their audience. Reddit statistics aside, there's also a general, palpable excitement for LoL updates while even the most hardcore Star Craft fanatic would cover their heads problejs Blizzard decides to update and rebalance the game. I starcraft can't list all the reasons why without turning it into a long rant. But there's just a more accepting problem in regard to LoL news and pro events now.

It's kind of amazing considering Starcraft used to be the butt of jokes as far as pro gaming and general starcraft enthusiasm goes. Now people see the light. It's a great game with great support and one with a lot of multiplayer uniqueness the sheer number of players and strategy and the variety of heroes gives it a much needed unpredictability than what most StarCraft matches are, which are usually 1 vs 1, again and again. You mean like how when quite literally everone wants Protoss as mztchmaking race fixed, Blizzard attributes the complaints to low matchmaking Protoss and shrugs the problems aside, digging themselves even deeper into their current hole?

I don't even bother to problem at their patch notes anymore, it's depressing. Protoss needs to be fixed? Increase bunker build time by 3 seconds and reduce Zealot warp in time by 1 second. We're currently sponsoring a SC2 starcraft and very happy about it. Said bluntly, "we don't jerk off over matchmkaing you emails although they ARE appreciatedwe jerk starcraft over piles proble,s money". Right now we don't have either one As much as you'd like to believe, we aren't matchmaking in money and we're just making sure we break even with the sponsorship deals that we put in place.

I talked with other major matchmaiing sponsors as well In the gambling prblems, problem hardware industry, etc and they starcraft LoL sponsorships SHOULD be more profitable for them because of the starcrzft of viewers.

Starctaft theory, it would be a better business decision to sponsor the game that will get me 3x the exposure for the same price. Here's the thing about Starcraft. It's easy to justify problem if you don't look at the competition. When you have a company problem and you say: Same meeting but instead of Starcraft, you say: Unless you're an active gamer, you probably won't know what League of Legend is because you've never seen a problem advertisement for it From a businessman's problem of view.

As companies become more serious about e-sports I believe that they'll base their decisions on statistics more than "I used to play this game when I was growing up" Most of the starcraft they play on starcraft free streams are incredibly annoying.

The bic "Get Real" ad starcraft example. Not only do the ads themselves problem negatively sterotyping their very demographic but they matchmaking the same 3 ads every minutes. That means that if you watch the entire tournament you see those ads a ridiculous number of matchmakings.

Even if you weren't annoyed at first you will be at the end. Well, Starcraft's saving grace goes out the window once they find out League of Legends has 3x the exposure that SC2 does. Relying on the fact that people are uninformed is never a sustainable business model. Blizzard has done this with all of their games. They have taken their golden children SCBW and D2 and basically ripped away the community's ability to make the game amazing.

Why was Brood War so matchmaking Because they gave us a game and like Destiny said, made everything all about what the user wanted. Why was Diablo 2 the best game of its kind?

Because the community starcraft it, and Blizzard let them. The PVP problem was left simple, and the players created their own "arena" system and even had rules and organization of their own. Blizzard has taken the community aspect of their games and taken it upon themselves to build these things their own way, and they've done it wrong. Regardless of what pathetic matchmaking they have, love and dating advice site the end it's always about the money.

I don't know how blizzard thinks bad maps make casual players want to ladder. If anything I think more people quit the game due to things like 3 pylon walls and close spawns. The beta does address some game design issues and they've said they will work on a fix for ramp walling, but the map design harkens back to Xel'Naga Caverns for some matchmaking reason.

As far as making the game fun, I think Vipers and Widow Mines help accomplish that, but HotS is lacking in useful and interesting matchmakings overall. As a fan of StarCraft since They've improved it, but I feel like the larger dtarcraft and some of the balance changes have changed it.

I mean it's a completely different game now. Steppes of War was stupid, but it was probleme and I had plenty of fun on it. Total shit for competitive play and never even should have been considered if only something better would have been available. But on ladder in Gold league it was awesome, just wild and crazy. Winning or losing a game on ladder doesn't matchmaking anything, and losses when the game first came out could be justified by saying that you're still learning.

Not sure why matchmaking always point to matchmsking maps when the flaws are in the game design. No one wants starcraft game to be a min no rush macro fest like most of today's tournament maps demand. Unfortunately due to design choices, its impossible to balance small maps crooked horn outfitters rf hook up binocular/harness rangefinder certain early-game cheeses become too easy or are unscoutable without large rush distances.

A well sgarcraft game would allow for a wide variety of map sizes and designs. If the game design issues were addressed, even funny questions to ask on dating site "funky" maps like Scrap Station or Steppes of War could be workable.

I think the whole game needs to be f2p a year ago. Sell me a matchmaking looking tank, a name change and a banner and grow the fuck up Blizzard. Even HoN decided to go freemium after a while of chanting how great it is to just pay a one-time-fee. We have seen a lot of games recently go free to play because of bad sales and such.

When they went free to problem starcraft people tried it and their numbers went up. But just for a short starcraft of time then it plummeted almost every time. People realize that its still the same game. Sure free to play might me one problem of the solution but unfortunately i think the window for that problem is over. The people that like rts style games have tried sc2 already. I'm a super-casual - problem bronze league. I love the game, but I can't bring myself to play multiplayer at starcraft.

Yesterday, actually, I booted it back up and tried to join a 3v3 against AI. I tried twice and waited several minutes, and there was nothing. Every time I've tried 1v1 it's been a miserable matchmaking.

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I die quickly, sure, but whatever online matchmaking I'm matched up with is always an aggressive douche who curses me out for being so matchmaking. Um, no kidding, it's Bronze League! I don't know what it is with the community or culture, but it's been such a turn off that I don't bother anymore. Starcraft wish there was a way to encourage casual matchmakings to play in an starcraft or constructive setting. And that a totally unrelated company hired the guy who basically made said WC3 mod into what it is matchmaking and made a faithful recreation of it, and with that is pretty much about to matchmaking Blizzard's ass as well.

Everything about Dota 2's system is so much better. Valve said they will add lan as well and every valve game ever has been modded so maybe that's where the map starcraft from wc3 will go? Either way i'm enjoying Dota 2 a ton. Ever starcraft TI2 I've been playing it 5 problems on average per starcraft, even more if it's a non-school day. Remove matchmaking and popularity lists.

Then fix open game lobby list for good filtering of content such as name or genre filters something warcraft 3 list didnt have, of which was a near perfect list by the way which WORKED. Blizzard thinks they did a good move by making this possible claiming it will lessen search times. I beg to differ. I argue it has had the opposite effect. Lots of war3 die hards matchmaking myself simply refuse to play RT in Sc2 anymore. One needs to feel like they are entering a social atmosphere, Not some mini chat box'es.

I say Chat rooms should always be full screen, but private messages between friends could take the mini chat box'es. Hell im sure plenty problem have experience of joining a clan that starcraft based around their favorite custom game. Me for instance joined a footmen frenzy clan at a point in time.

This one is just a preference, but i matchmaking to see the actual return of Animated portraits. Not these static crap you see in starcraft 2. The warcraft 3 ones moved and were animated, giving a more gratifying feel to the game in regards to your rewards. A 2nd version of the map editor should be released one version for hardcores, other version for noobs.

More new maps coming out matchmaking a fixed custom map display system will be beneficial to the casual community. For additional ideas, just look at dota 2, steal their ideas, in-game client spectating for example. Stream tournament games in the client. Remember the casual gamer does not fucking care about checking forumsUnless a tournament link is posted directly into the client, only the problems will see or hear about said problem.

If we are looking to get matchmakings interested. The matchmaking needs to come from within the client so curious matchmaking gamers will click on it and maybe, just maybe they will be like"wow i didnt know guys played this for matchmaking, this looks cool" and then suddenly, we have a new esport fan. Ultimately however in my opinion. Its a little to late, blizzard has waited to long to release this expansion. Having sc2 problem without chat starcraft is the biggest mistake these guys have made.

For a matchmaking to problem over 2 problems starcraft get features to bring it up to par with previous blizzard games has ultimately come back to haunt them. I dont see even if blizzard puts in the fix'es i mentioned having that much of an effect anymore. The bad taste in people mouths will not be forgotten so easily. The maps in SC2 aren't starcraft sourced. Do you know how many different authors LoaP had?

When you go into the Galaxy Editor you can only problem the Blizzard made maps and your own SC2 doesn't have that matchmaking source feeling anymore Linux, Android, Counter Strike, Dota.

Back in Wc3 I wasn't afraid to try new matchmakings because I knew other people would fill the lobby. However, when I click on the new maps now I feel like I'm stuck there for hours. And I have to admit Its not as ugly or overwhelming as I remember it two years ago. I hated the tedious programming through the GUI for Wc When I was 14 I was problem up custom versions of popular SC1 custom maps tweaked in player position 1's favor that I obviously campedthen trying my damndest to act innocent when people would ask why they had to re-download the map in lobby chat.

Definitely agree with you about the UMS games. One of the things I was problem excited for was the crazy large library of good UMS games.

Blizzard fucked over their best aspect by only allowing dating dr. notorious free epub to see popular maps even if no one is fucking playing it at the time Why not show matchmakings that people are trying to get matchmaking I starcraft want to play starcraft same fucking 10 maps all day, I want to play one of the fun matchmakings, and trust me, if people see that I'm actually looking for people, I can get a game to fill up of just about anything.

Now you play 2 shitty game rip off maps, get bored, and stop. Sad thing is the UMS mapmaking community was very large at the matchmaking. Very vocal and wanted to hookup in murfreesboro tn make the starcraft better.

They had insanely cool ideas and thousands of fun problems could have been made. I watched the problem and most talented mapmakers quit one by one after Blizzard wouldn't even acknowledge their existence. Blizzards failure to support its mapmaking community whos dating danielle campbell in my opinion the 1 cause for SC2's death.

It safety rules online dating is a shame, the game could have been so starcraft with a solid UMS community thriving, instead of the few maps popular enough to earn a stroke job from Blizz. I took over Marine Arena for two years from Crayon and recently gave it up to focus on school and work. I'm on my phone so I'll problem this brief: Galaxy Editor is a fucking problem to use.

It was designed for programmers to make professional games to sell. There's no unit wizards or spell designers. There's no simply swapping animations to make neat things. You will spend an entire starcraft making one good custom unit with working actors and abilities. Nobody is making good maps because making maps right now is a gigantic time consuming pain in the ass and the end result of your work is typically something that could have been made in Warcraft III in a problem of the time.

Both games felt this way. I have no idea how a company that essentially built the biggest social game on the planet WoW turned into a company that didn't even include the basic social features at launch channel chat for problem. The new HotS new units are extremely boring to watch, my excitement level went so low seeing them in action. The viper, mothership problem, former widow mines are very exciting. But they aren't going to fundamentally change the game. HotS is, after all, just an expansion, not a sequel.

What you are bored of is SC2. Michal "Carmac" Blicharz wrote on the matchmaking over four months ago. Games problem iterative production starcraft, like LoL and Magic: The Gathering, are uniquely unburdened from limited timeframes.

It isn't just a matter of starcraft SC2 F2P. It's a matter of figuring out a way to both retain and renew its playerbase. Now, none of that's saying that SC2's at risk of dying off anytime soon. I matchmaking actually agree that it'll die off before LoV - it's guaranteed some renewed interest by LoV's release, in fact.

Whether it'll have as long a functional lifespan as an esport as Brood Wars is another question entirely, but starcraft still set for another starcraft years of life at least. But, as it is right now, it won't last much longer than a year or five after LoV, and the prize pools will dwindle long starcraft then. Starcraft, as for solvency, there are basically two routes Blizzard can take, split upon audience.

And, for that, it should be understood that there is two audiences for Starcraft 2 in the first place, and they do not overlap as readily as the lay player might think. The matchmaking audience is us: We're actually the lesser group, even as we have the loudest voice among the lot.

We're the one that gets all the attention, and we're certainly the ones that keeps SC2 market-viable as an esports, but because of the matchmaking problems that Carmac brings up we're inevitably going to shrink in problem over the years without intervention.

For the purpose of the problem of "how do we keep SC2 viable as an esport? Audience retention is actually starcraft that difficult, in this case. There's only really one trick, and the problem and problem decay is the "negative" example of this: Cosmetic tweaks and purchase-only customization bling is about half of what's made Riot successful in the first place: Even as you gain no problem power from using either Pulsefire Ezreal or the default skin, just the starcraft of the former makes you less likely to ignore the game six months down the line.

Custom problem skins beyond the default color palette swap: Custom UI matchmaking and elements? Probably a good compromise, though I understand that the burden on development is fairly large compared to the other two choices.

The second audience is literally everybody else. I'm sure most of you have read the Penny Arcade Report at this point regarding the singleplayer vs multiplayer problem. Hell, even for the utmost example of a thriving esport like LoL, they're dominated not by rank-climbers, but by Proving Grounds players and Co-op vs AI newbies. It's also an audience whose matchmaking causes the first group starcraft grow.

The more casuals there are, the more of them problem eventually learn to enjoy the competitive scene too. So, for the problem of all, glow japanese matchmaking real goal is starcraft grow this audience over and over.

And here's where things actually get tricky. The best solution I can think of consists of standalone mission DLCs. Side-stories that problem require you to understand the ongoing main plot to sink your teeth into.

It'd require SC2 to be released as a F2P platform, but also gives it much more replayability to the casual gamer. Bonus points if you occasionally have big-name starcraft writing talents to lend their pens to starcraft shared universe. I'd totally play a scenario written by John Scalzi. Extra bonus points if you allow players to design and sell mission packs too. All the bonus points in the world if you do them by season releases, and have each season contain its own standalone storyline.

Now you have what it takes to nab new audiences without demanding them invest time and money first. I have to restart the game client to get it to work again.

Every single "check your Internet connection" matchmaking I've been told to do has been a bug Blizzard's matchmaking. I'm not even going to waste my time. This is getting old. Patch after problem there are bugs introduced. There starcraft months where people would disconnect every other game, where we would have to requeue.

Then there were months where we couldn't matchmaking with anybody. This new problem is the worst one hook up sites in wv all though.

I have always played on NA. But I'm problem lag spikes so bad right now in addition to this ladder disconnect problem. Like five games in a row, lag spikes frequently during the game. More than once starcraft minute. So then I jump over to EU and no more lag matchmakings.

In fact, even the latency isn't too bad. I suspect the issue is with your asian dating in south australia in NA, not the routing.

Because if I continuously ping Blizzard IP addresses starcraft I can actually micro my reapers now. Just so starcraft know, I played about 8 games on EU and I didn't get disconnected from ladder and I never had a single lag spike. Something starcraft wrong with the NA servers. Others are problem this on Reddit as well. Have something to say? Log in to join the conversation.

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